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 United States Karate-Do Kai  
Welcome to the official web site of the United States Karate-Do Kai.
Our international organization is comprised of traditional karate schools representing various ryu-ha
from around the world. The United States Karate-Do Kai organization is directed by Master Phillip W. Koeppel.

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We have established a United Stated Karate-do Kai store on Land's End.  Please visit the store to order your USKK approved apparel and gear.  Click here to begin shopping.


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2018 United States Karate Do Kai Karate and Kobudo International Championships

United States Karate Do Kai Karate and Kobudo International Championships

Palm Springs, CA hosted by Sensei Guy Holtzman

2018 Trias Cup competition 1st place winner Scott Shook, Mandeville, LA pictured with other competitors and judges.  Mr. Shook is a student of Sensei Joe Dupaquier.

November 3, 2018


U.S. Naval Senior Chief H. P. Henry (active duty just returned from Iraq), Rokudan Isshinryu Karatedo, is

the USKK State Director for North Carolina & USKK Style head for Isshinryu. Over the past year Senior

Chief Henry conducted an in-depth interview with Sensei Phillip Koeppel - Kaicho USKK. This interview

appeared on the popular Isshinryu website "Don Bohan's Memorial Website", Sensei Wayne Wayland webmaster.

This link will take you to this interview: http://www.bohans-family.com/sensei-speaks/sensei.htm



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